One Card Tarot

Please Focus On A Question You Have Then Shuffle The Cards As You Desire.


Free 1 Card Tarot Spread

Even though easy and straightforward, this One Card Tarot Spread is an exceptionally effective spread for problem solving. It can be capable of answering simple yes or no types of questions throughout a tarot reading.

Since you are restricted to draw only 1 card, it is necessary that you form your question seemingly. The extra brief you are, the comfortable it will be to interpret the spread.

This distinct spread is well-known for its capability to offer direction on how to deal with a certain circumstance. Sometimes for a Yes or No queries, it is useful to include upright and reversed tarot card layout. Even if it is not constantly the case, upright position signifies a yes and a reversed card positions signifies a no.

How It Works?

To start, shuffle the cards as you desire. While you are shuffling the deck of cards, be sure to concentrate on your question. And if you’re done shuffling the cards while focusing on a question you have, then you can choose to spread the cards to pick one card on the deck. Choose the card that gets your attention the most and pull that card. Place it in front of you. This is the 1 tarot card you will be interpreting.

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