Yes or No Tarot

Get instant answers to your most irresistible questions with a Yes or No spread. This 1 card tarot reading will lend a hand for you to make the right decisions with a yes no acurate answer so that you can understand and get the result you wish for.

Please Focus On A Question You Have Then Shuffle The Cards As You Desire.


Free Yes No Tarot Reading

How It Works? Before you choose your card, think of a closed question you want to ask. You can also take a note of the questions you have and write down on a piece of paper or you can speak out-loud as you take the step using our on-line tarot application above.

After you shuffle and choose a card you desire it will reveal your card and have the chance to read the yes/no answer with the meaning of the card you have drawn. You can also find more about the card you have drawn by clicking the link provided to go in our tarot card meaning page that will open in a new window.

Hope you enjoy your free reading. And please, don't hesitate to comeback for more.

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