The Lovers

The Lovers

What Does The Lovers Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Love, passion, soulmate, balance, self-love, choices, intuition, being true to your heart, adultery, sex without emotion, jealousy, emotional neglect, love triangle, affair of the heart, broken-hearted

The Lovers Meanings And Description

In most imagery for The Lovers, there are three figures present: a couple with an angel hovering between them.

The couple represent the opposites in life that come together to create balance and harmony: yin and yang, dark and light, conscious and unconscious.

The angel (or in some cases Cupid, Priest or Priestess) is the higher or spiritual element of life, present in every encounter. The delicate balance between these opposites intertwined with a spiritual component teaches that compromise and patience are needed for this fusion.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The Lovers Upright

The Lovers Upright Meaning

Love, passion and romance blossom with The Lovers; these unions are deep and meaningful, the connection inspired and comfortable at the same time.

Sometimes The Lovers can refer to a revitalized relationship with yourself. Past hurts and issues have been healed, balance has returned and you are ready and receptive for a new phase in your life.

The Lovers will also appear when you are at a crossroads, needing to make a decision. Think carefully before you commit.

The choice is a shade of gray, not falling into the black or white categories and needs careful consideration.

Sometimes this card encourages us to review the current status of our lives and make sure all areas reflect our hearts and values. Security is not worth compromising what really matters.

The Lovers Reverse

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

When the Lovers is reversed, there seems to be something missing in your relationships.

Control becomes an issue lurking beneath the surface, and dysfunction and miscommunication are the norm.

Some difficulties may stem from jealousy or insecurity but really other issues are below the surface. If you are offered the chance to take part in an affair, think carefully.

While it may satisfy your physical desires, emotionally you may end up losing out.

Another possibility is that your partner may not be completely honest with you at this time. Delay any decision until you can see the entire situation clearly.