The Hermit

The Hermit

What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Solitary pursuits, withdrawal from society, search from knowledge, wisdom, illumination, overview, point of decision, study and learning, teacher, thoughtless action, fear of being alone, distractions, frightened of the self, empty chatter, ignoring advice, stubbornness, wasting time

The Hermit Meanings And Description

When looking at the picture of the Tarot card of The Hermit, there are several Tarot symbols to consider. The hooded religious recluse, standing by himself at the top of a mountain, is a common figure in many religions. He symbolizes the need many have to withdraw from the world to gain greater knowledge.

This wisdom can be internal, getting in touch with the authentic self or external, understanding more of the world and its influences. If his quest is of a spiritual nature, it can seem that worldly issues are just distractions, which is why it is necessary to withdraw. Historically, many psychics, oracles and wise people were known to live apart from society. Those wishing to consult them would travel into the wilderness to find them.

The other important symbol present in this Tarot card is the lantern that the Hermit carries. In some Tarot illustrations, there is a glowing star held by the lantern, though other times it is lit with a flame. Its brightness is a symbol for the light of knowledge and understanding.

It is a point where all the learning and understanding gained so far through experience is contemplated. We realize that this review and further study is how we gain wisdom and perspective.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The Hermit Upright

The Hermit Upright Meaning

When the Hermit makes an appearance, this Tarot card gives several meanings. This may be a time where you have the need to remove yourself from society, get rid of distractions and think. It is a time where a decision need to be made and life needs to be reviewed.

No matter what you have achieved, there is always more to learn and much to do. While this may be a time of great learning and education, most of what you do will be on your own. Spending some time alone is what you need to move forward. Peace and quiet thought will help you understand what is most important to you right now.

Occasionally, the Hermit will appear in your life as a wise teacher, able to help you find the direction you need. While the meaning of this Tarot card does emphasize that you will make you final decision on your own, this teacher's presence will be invaluable in helping you get there.

Take all the time you need to arrive at your decisions. There is no rush and the message of the Hermit is that the answers you need will be illuminated in time.

The Hermit Reverse

The Hermit Reversed Meaning

Some people need to be surrounded by friends or family at all times - they fear loneliness. When the Hermit is reversed, the meaning of this card can be interpreted as solitary confinement. You want and need people around you but are still very much alone. Often, this need for company is to distract from internal issues. Part of having growth and maturity is the ability to see and accept yourself as you are now.

If you receive some advice at this time, it will be foolish to ignore it. Examine your objections. It could be that your desire to ignore this suggestion comes more from stubbornness than anything else. The Hermit reversed calls your attentions to distractions of every kind. There is nothing wrong with relaxing as long as your obligations are also being met.