Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

What Does Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Luck, good fortune, destiny, divine assistance, chance and coincidence, new starts, changes in career, new relationships, travel, good fortune in everything, bad luck, issues, patience, delays in new projects, failed gambles, bad news, unexpected changes, expect the unexpected.

Wheel of Fortune Meanings And Description

The Wheel of Fortune is a Tarot card whose picture is filled with symbols of the Zodiac. In the Wheel of Fortune, we are reminded that life is an endless cycle of rebirth and death.

Guarding the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot is the Sphinx, who in Egyptian lore knew the secrets of time and space. Four additional figures stand in each of the corners of this Tarot card: an angel, an eagle, a lion and a bull.

The Angel is connected to the astrological sign of Aquarius and is a symbol of the winter months and the pagan holiday of Candlemas. Ruling the element of Air, the Angel stands for thought and intellectual activities.

The Eagle is linked to the astrological sign of Scopio, and a symbol of the fall season and the pagan holiday of Samhain. The Eagle rules the element of Water and is connected to emotional matters.

The noble Lion is the symbol for the astrological sign of Leo and is connected to the summer and the pagan holiday of Lammas. The Lion, controlled by the element of Fire, uses this energy to assist with intuition.

The Bull is connected to the astrological sign of Taurus and the spring with its pagan festival of Beltane. The Bull is ruled by the physical element of Earth and influences our feelings and rules our physical senses.

The movement between each of these symbols mirror the movement of time in the seasons. From planting a seed, watching it grow, harvesting its fruit and death back to the soil - this is the cycle of life. As this wheel turns, we learn to balance these elements inside ourselves to reap the benefits.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Wheel of Fortune Upright

Wheel of Fortune Upright Meaning

When the Wheel of Fortune appears, this tarot card's meaning focuses on the question of destiny versus free will. It is my belief that there is usually some element of choice in our lives but when the Wheel appears, it is a time where destiny appears to play a role.

Strange meetings, lucky breaks, chance meetings are all a part of the Wheel's influence. Using your natural abilities and skills to their fullest and the benefit of the Wheel can make anything happen. In this period of change, the only thing that is very certain is that the winds of change are blowing.

When the Wheel begins to turn again, you may find yourself living in a new city or country, with a different career or new lover. Run with it!

Wheel of Fortune Reverse

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, this Tarot card seems to bring bad luck that you can't quite shake...yet. Don't fear that this phase will last for ever. Just like in every other area of life, there is a time and a season for everything. Now is not the time to forge ahead with new plans but to bide your time.

Like the Chariot taught us, we can accomplish more by working with the energies of the universe than to work against them. This is a time of unexpected problems, delays, and issues galore.

Patience and timing will resolve most of these issues. You may find too that much of what seems like a disaster now will be positive in the long term. Get prepared and when the Wheel turns, get moving!