The World

The World

What Does The World Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Achievement, success, end of an era, new changes, new phase in life, new job or promotion, recognition, balance in relationships, journeys, delayed completion, avoiding change, unfinished business, fear of hurt, ill-prepared for the ending.

The World Meanings And Description

With the appearance of The World, the cycle that was started by the naive Fool has come to an end. It is a time of achievement, success, happiness and of course, endings.

Similar in appearance to the Wheel of Fortune, The World usually features a naked woman inside a wreath of laurels with four archetypes in each of the corners.

It is the picture of balance, with each of the elements represented: earth, air, fire and water. Following the lessons of the Major Arcana, learning and balance have prevailed and it is time to be reborn and start again. The dancing figure inside the egg shaped wreath confirms for us that the dance of life is never ending death and rebirth.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The World Upright

The World Upright Meaning

With the World, completion and accomplishment appear on every level as you reach the end of a cycle. The end of projects, schooling, single-life are all indicated; marriages will happen, jobs started, parenthood welcomed. It is a time for change. Success and fulfillment affect every area of life with the World's influence.

With career, you will be delighted and satisfied with any changes that occur now; your abilities and efforts are well rewarded. New job and promotions bring changes for the better; you've worked hard to reach this stage, enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Relationships have been tried and tested and with the World, you enter a period of joy and balance that is long overdue. At this point, you live and work well together, united in your commitment ; the differences between you draw you closer together.

Sometimes the World will herald a new home, new place of work or travels. Journeys taken at this time will broaden your mind and serve to build on your experiences. If change occurs now in any area, be assured it is a change for the better and will only make you happier long term.

The World Reverse

The World Reversed Meaning

The World reversed can be an irksome card that makes you want to grit your teeth. Success is so close that you can taste it but is still elusively out of reach. On occasion, the opposite can be true - you've reached that pinnacle but want to resist moving forward. Enjoy your successes but you will reach a point where you do have to move again. You can't stop the passage of time.

Relationships influenced by the World may be over but unresolved. Lingering like a bad odor, you'll need to revisit the past before you can move forward and let things go. A previous bad ending may be making you reluctant to love again - with The World, you can be assured that a positive relationship is waiting for you if you are open to it.

When related to work, The World reversed can suggest a feeling of panic or lack of planning. You don't feel ready for whatever lies ahead and completion is being delayed. The World is a powerful and positive card regardless of its position and it brings wonderful change at its own pace. Let go and enjoy the ride.