The Tower

The Tower

What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Chaotic changes, disruption, new thoughts and feelings, anger, extreme changes in relationships, career or living arrangements, unfair circumstances, freedom at a cost, imprisonment, mental blocks, wanting answers.

The Tower Meanings And Description

The picture on the Tarot card for The Tower shows a tall building, struck by lightening and fire, with its inhabitants leaping from the windows and falling down a cliff. The imagery is fierce, disruptive and dramatic.

The image of the tower itself has often been linked to the Tower of Babel, intended by its architects to reach the heavens and avenge those that died in the great flood. Lightening has historically been associated with masculine influences, most notably as a symbol of the god Zeus.

The power, disruption and divine intervention present in the Tower are easily apparent and promise whatever is to come, it will be sudden and dramatic.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The Tower Upright

The Tower Upright Meaning

The meaning of the Tarot card, The Tower, is unmistakable. Change, without warning, is about to turn your life upside-down. This may wreak havoc on you, as the Tower's change is disruptive and even revolutionary. After the waves have calmed, this may be a positive experience - freedom quickly follows change.

The results of the Tower can be internal or external. They may be radical new ways of thinking, feeling or acting; they may take you off guard, unprepared for their appearance in your life right now. It can also refer to a period of frustration where intense anger will burn to the surface and explode, then vanish again.

In terms of changes to the rest of your life, your home, career or relationship may be altered with similar speed. These changes may seem to be out-of-the-blue but really they have been coming for some time. When the Tower appears, it affects parts of your life that were stuck. The complete changes of the Tower are giving you a chance to transform your life. Relationships that the Tower touches may not end but will be change for the better.

The Tower Reverse

The Tower Reversed Meaning

When the meaning for this Tarot card is reversed, the effects become even more revolutionary and chaotic. While the Tower often seems like a punishment, when it is reversed, it seems less fair. The company you work for could go out of business without warning with all employees laid off; this may lead to the time you need to discover a much-loved second career.

When you are in the midst of experiencing these changes, you may feel like you need to know why. Why is this relationship ending? Why do things need to be this difficult? The answers will come to you eventually but for know remain beyond you.

When the Tower is reversed, the meaning can sometimes indicate prison or being stuck in a situation. While you might not be able to free yourself right now, the freedom you seek will come but it has a price.