The Moon

The Moon

What Does The Moon Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Dreams, intuition, imagination, creative ideas, psychic abilities, successful arts careers, illusion, fantasy, opportunities falling through, depression and illness

The Moon Meanings And Description

Moody and vaguely sinister, the meaning of The Moon is linked to emerging awareness. The crayfish that crawls from the pool, facing the dog guardians and sinister towers to follow a path; it is the same journey we all take to open intellectually and spiritually.

The watery nature of The Moon relates to the emotional nature of our hidden feelings, while aiming for the moon is a sign of our high expectations. The dogs and towers are symbols of passage and danger on this journey.

Like the astrological sign of Pisces, The Moon is a deeply emotional card that is very subjective. Like the shadows on the card itself, it refers to a time of darkness prior to understanding, where everything seems menacing and larger than life.

The Moon reminds us to connect with our essential self but to remember that our feelings shape our perception of every situation.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The Moon Upright

The Moon Upright Meaning

Often, there are negative associations connected to this Tarot card, but in truth The Moon is a subtle and magical card. Dreams, intuition, imagination and psychic abilities all flow freely with it.

When it appears, you are likely welcoming a time in your life where you are reconnecting to your subconscious mind, through dreams, symbols and strange coincidences. At this time, the arts may influence you more than normal, and through poetry and watercolours you may be better able to express your feelings than with words.

For career issues, the areas of film, visual arts, writing, healing and anything connected to beauty will be influenced for the better. Your mind is filled with rich ideas and you have an uncanny ability to connect with people right now.

Sometimes this energy can be draining and your body (and mind) may require more sleep than normal. Treat yourself gently and allow the ideas coming to you to settle in gently.

The Moon Reverse

The Moon Reversed Meaning

When The Moon is reversed, you are entering a period where the line between dreams and reality has become blurred. You may have false people around you or find it hard to be honest with yourself. In the resulting chaos, nothing is concrete and everything is more than a little confusing.

It's not the time to bet on anything. Job offers will evapourate, potential homes will be bad investments: nothing is what it seems. Keep your ideas to yourself and be wary of any advice you receive.

Depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and illness can all appear when the Moon is reversed.