The Sun

The Sun

What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Happiness, health, vitality, new energy, social times, success, travel, children, failure, relationship problems, business difficulties, delayed success.

The Sun Meanings And Description

The Sun has long been a symbol for energy, vitality, joy and happiness. The Greek god of arts, healing and psychic abilities, Apollo, was the lord of the Sun. Strong and powerful, his radiance blessed any creative or spiritual endeavours.

The child on the card is often a sign of innocence and play and fits in nicely to the joyous mood of The Sun. Where the Moon was connected to the secret part of the mind, the Sun brings that knowledge to the surface and into our every day lives.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The Sun Upright

The Sun Upright Meaning

The brightness of the Sun shines on your life, you can welcome a new period of happiness and prosperity. Its vital energy seems to enhance every area of your life, from work to relationships. You have the energy and self-belief to make any of your dreams become reality. This confidence will help you recreate not only the present but also long-term planning for the future.

When the Sun appears, it can refer to a literally warm climate. You may be travelling to a sunny place or the summer may have particular significance to you. Fortunate meetings, significant circumstance will all appear at this time.

Occasionally, the Sun can refer to children, perhaps a new birth or older kids. Some new abilities may develop, illness may pass or there is a happy surprise pregnancy.

The Sun Reverse

The Sun Reversed Meaning

While the Sun's warmth is crucial for growth and development, the Sun reversed can indicate too much of a good thing. While the Sun upright is connected to faith in yourself, when the Sun is reversed, you haven't backed up your hopes with solid action. Success starts from an idea but takes a lot of hard work to become a reality.

In terms of relationships, you might be travelling down some rocky roads. It may feel like you aren't respected or ignored but there is a lot of history in this relationship.

The same sort of troubles can also influence business relationships. Behind the quarrels, there is a feeling of imbalance that affects everything. Children can be a concern, especially in terms of illness. In many cases, this may be fear more than reality.

If there are other positive cards around, success will arrive but take a little longer.