The Star

The Star

What Does The Star Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Hope, positivity, new approaches to old problems, healing, inspiration, back to nature, relationships with animals, working for the common good, pessimism, depression, self-doubt, tension, inability to take a break, relationship issues

The Star Meanings And Description

The meaning of the Tarot card, The Star is connected to the images on the card. There is a naked woman, pouring water from two jugs, one in a pool, the other on dry land. It is a calm night and the skies are light by one large star that is surrounded by seven smaller stars.

The seven stars are likely connected to the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, a grouping of stars signaling fertility and hope and worshiped in ancient times.

The larger star is often said to represent transcendence and can also be a symbol for Ishtar, a goddess linked to healing, prosperity and fertility. The Star is an enduring symbol of hope after the hardships of The Tower.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

The Star Upright

The Star Upright Meaning

The meanings of this Tarot card have always been connected to the themes of faith, hope and healing. Old problems can be solved, wounds heal and you are refreshed and ready to try again when The Star appears.

It welcomes a time when you will heal and connect with others, giving them a gift of hope and helping yourself in the process. If you need some assistance, it will soon come, albeit in a strange way.

At this time, nature will become more important to you and you'll want to head out to the country. Working in a garden or with animals could also reconnect you with a natural life; being involved in this will bring you down-to-earth in addition to making you happy.

With work, The Star is motivated by social causes, environmental issues, human rights and helping others. Relationships affected by The Star are joyful and balanced; pleasure is reciprocal and there is never a lack of things to talk about.

The Star Reverse

The Star Reversed Meaning

When this Tarot card is reversed, its meaning connects to the dark moments of the heart when it feels like nothing will ever work. The Star reversed is as pessimistic as the The Star upright is hopeful. At this low point, you may doubt your abilities and what you can achieve. While this is connected to recent events you perceive as failures, you're also worn down and need a break.

In spite of your exhaustion, you refuse to relax and let go. The Star still offers the chance of success. It is a time where you would benefit from removing yourself from this situation and taking a change to reassess before continuing.

In terms of relationships, this card can refer to a period where emotions are detached and there is a lack of sharing in a relationship; tension and pessimism may play a role in this.