Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Understanding Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning, Description, Keywords, Upright & Reverse Card Meanings. Everything you want to know about the Eight Of Cups Tarot Card.

What Does Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Mean? Eight Of Cups

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings And Description

The Eight of Cups is the card of moving on and letting go. In most cases, this is a conscious choice. In a Tarot reading, the Eight of Cups represents leaving the past behind and moving forward. Although this may be a painful process, it is a necessary one.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Abandoning relationships, moving away emotionally, travel, lack of substance, futile success, rejection, search for meaning, unsettled, depression,emotional confusion, exhaustion, lack of energy, perfectionism.

Upright And Reverse Meanings Of Eight Of Cups Tarot Card

Eight Of Cups Upright

Eight Of Cups Upright Meanings

  • Detachment
  • Soul searching
  • Separation
  • Travel
  • Walking away

With the Eight of Cups, there is the sense of abandoning an emotional relationship.

It may be that this relationship has not brought you the happiness you thought it would. It can also indicate a relationship that has a great deal of emotional pain connected to it - you may have tried to resolve things in other ways but now your best option is to leave.

The Eight of Cups leaves you questioning yourself and searching for greater meaning. While this may take place with a physical journey, you'll likely discover what you need inside yourself.

Eight Of Cups Reverse

Eight Of Cups Reverse Meanings

  • Clinging to the past
  • Unable to detach
  • Co-dependency
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Wrong decision
  • Avoidance
  • New phase of life

When the Eight of Cups is reversed, you have entered a depressing period of emotional confusion where fantasy and reality have blurred.

Desperate from emotional wounds, you have shut yourself off from the people around you and are suffering from emotional exhaustion.

At the core of this is your need for perfection, in yourself and in others.Reach out for help to move beyond this point.