Five Of Cups

Five Of Cups

What Does Five Of Cups Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Loss, destruction of ideals, broken dreams, old wounds, unaware why things went wrong, emotional loneliness, restrained hope, new chances, rebuilding old relationship, emotional wisdom

Five Of Cups Meanings And Description

The Five of Cups is a card of loss, disappointment and remorse. It often refers to issues of grief. In a Tarot reading, the Five of Cups can indicate an inability to move forward. Past hurts and wounds have not yet been fully processed.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Five Of Cups Upright

Five Of Cups Upright Meaning

When the Five of Cups appears in a reading, it is a sign that we're looking at what we don't have rather than what we do. One of our deepest held beliefs was shattered and we were mourning its loss.

Now is the time to suck it up and get over it! We need to look at what remains and decide what role it can play in our lives. Often appearing when a relationship is challenged, it is important to use the Five of Cups to reassess what is left.

Perhaps a vow has been broken or our partner has been emotionally distant - can we work with what remains to heal. In order to decide, it is time to move beyond sadness into contemplation.

Five Of Cups Reverse

Five Of Cups Reversed Meaning

The Five of Cups reversed often signals that an emotional reunion is on the horizon. A friend or lover may suddenly reappear, giving you the chance to possibly rebuilt your relationship.

With the new knowledge and experiences you have, it could become even stronger the second time. The emotional hurt experienced leaves you cautious and better able to decide whether a second chance is worth the risk.