Knight Of Cups

Knight Of Cups

What Does Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Loving dreamer, creative, playful, idealistic, arrival of romance, lack of reality, spiritual person, talented but without follow through, lazy, sleep through life, read rather than act, new creative endeavours, classes for artistic or spiritual pursuits, false relationships, drug dealers.

Knight Of Cups Meanings And Description

The Knight of Cups is highly sensitive. He is chivalrous in nature and tends to be attractive to others. His is incredibly passionate and, although he appears controlled, he can be obsessive and zealous. On an emotional level he needs to feel as if he is powerful and intelligent. This is one of his greatest vulnerabilities. He can also be manipulative and withholding. He is intuitive and tends to depend on his gut reactions. The Knight of Cups loves a challenge and appreciates anything that challenges his mind. His overall well being is not dependent on others and he tends to perceive the world from a more spiritual perspective. He despises prejudice and is open and empathetic towards others. He is the ultimate romantic and women find him irresistible.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Knight Of Cups Upright

Knight Of Cups Upright Meaning

The Knight of Cups is a loving and creative symbol that is sometimes connected to the knights of King Arthur's court. Romantic and passionate, the Knight of Cups is a great believer in ideals and dreams.

Sometimes indicating that a new romantic relationship is coming, what you will experience now is the idealized version - reality and problems have yet to intrude.

It's an ideal time to explore your psychic gifts further and any practices that encourage both concentration and a calm environment would work wonders; think of yoga, chi gong, t'ai chi, or meditation to build focus.

Knight Of Cups Reverse

Knight Of Cups Reversed Meaning

With the Knight of Cups reversed, the promise and artistic vision is clouded by emotional issues as well as a lack of motivation.

He likes to receive advice - it makes him feel like he is doing something - but rarely will follow through and take it. He may be lost in his head, finding that his fantasies are better than reality.

This tarot card's meaning can also suggest narcissism, and an excessive interest in the self. There is also the sense of masking the true identity so a connection with overuse of drugs or alcohol may also occur.