Eight Of Pentacles

Eight Of Pentacles

What Does Eight Of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: New skills, apprenticeship, building on previous experience, education, expansion, small savings, financial management, limitations at work, lack of growth, no new potential, dishonesty in business, questionable ethics, moonlighting.

Eight Of Pentacles Meanings And Description

The Eight of Pentacles typically refers to the areas on our life that require effort and work. This is the card of self-improvement and determination.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Eight Of Pentacles Upright

Eight Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

New skills and expanding career horizons are all indicated by the Eight of Pentacles.

This is a time where you have the opportunity to learn new things, apply previous knowledge and take some extra courses to add another feather to your cap.

This tarot card meaning doesn't really indicate starting something new but rather building upon previous skills.

In terms of money, small savings and gifts should be carefully invested to increase your worth.

Eight Of Pentacles Reverse

Eight Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Hard work without pleasure comes when the Eight of Pentacles is reversed.

You may have outgrown your job or feel limited at work. There seems to be nothing new to learn and no where to grow.

When confronted with this tarot card meaning, try to reconnect to your real talents and consider starting your own business or exploring another line of work.

Staying where you are is cheating no-one but yourself.