Page Of Pentacles

Page Of Pentacles

What Does Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Good news about money or property issues, small raise, investment profits, positive family news, unexpected losses, small time theft, good natured, careful, weight problems, introverted children, unable to mix with others, moody.

Page Of Pentacles Meanings And Description

The Page of Pentacles is a quiet, determined and goal-oriented person. He is thoughtful and cautious. He is meticulous in the planning and execution of his ideas. He takes the necessary steps to actualize his goals. He pays attention to detail and is well organized.

The Page of Pentacles often represents the beginning of new endeavors or relationships. As with the other pages, these new beginnings need to be nurtured in order to flourish. These are the seeds of growth. The appearance of this card in a tarot reading often indicates a job offer, promotion, new love interest, or any new opportunity that can manifest on the physical plane. The Page of Pentacle may indicate a student or education.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Page Of Pentacles Upright

Page Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The good natured Page of Pentacles is blessed with a happy and balanced personality.

Sometimes the individual represented may have a sweet tooth and be a little chubby.

While they are pleasant, they have the need for security and lack of imagination common to all the Coin court cards.

Page Of Pentacles Reverse

Page Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

When the Page of Pentacles is reversed, it can refer to a child that is very shy and has difficulty in interacting with others.

This introverted behaviour can also show itself as moodiness or being unable to express their feelings.