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Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card

Understanding Two Of Pentacles Card Tarot Meaning, Description, Keywords, Upright & Reversed Card Meanings. Everything you want to know about Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card.

What Does Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean?

Two Of Pentacles

Two Of Pentacles Keywords

Financial balance, extra work, new skills, business development, entrepreneur, assistance, balance energies and resources, duality, lack of focus, growing debts, inconsistent action, need for purpose.

Two Of Pentacles Meanings And Description

In Tarot Reading, the Two of Pentacles often refers to one’s Financial balance, new skills or business development. It is a card that promises you that your various interests tally up to lone fulfilling life path.

A man positions in the center with two golden pentacles in his hands. These bulky discs are combined by what seems to be a rubber band however it is more likely a handled belt stitched together as a circle.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Two Of Pentacles Upright

Two Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

  • New partnerships
  • Balancing Finances
  • Juggling many projects or duties
  • Pulled into too many directions
  • Financial obligations

When the Two of Pentacles appears, you are being given the opportunity to develop new skills.

Even though you may have to perform extra work to get something you want, it's important to see help when it arrives.

You may develop additional skills to open your own business or some overtime for extra cash.

The Two of Pentacles can also refer an imbalance in your work life. One day you may be running off your feet, and then next twiddling your thumbs.

Likewise, you may be experiencing financial fluctuations where one month you are scrambling for spare change while the next you have more money than you can count.

Two Of Pentacles Reverse

Two Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Unable to maintain a balance within one’s life
  • Indecision
  • Being spread too thin
  • Debt

If the Two of Pentacles is reversed, everything seems out of balance. Money seems to go out faster than it comes in and trying to sort out looming debts can seem impossible.

At first, it is easy to blame your fluctuating moods on your job and money chaos. Really though, it is important to realize that the common denominator is you.

Once you stop acting aimless, everything else will gain direction and purpose.