Knight Of Swords

Knight Of Swords

What Does Knight Of Swords Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Brainy, egoist, competitive, seductive, damaging, energy, change, fearless, lack of ethics, drug or alcohol abuse, fighting fiercely to change a bad situation.

Knight Of Swords Meanings And Description

In a tarot reading, the Knight of Swords is a magnetic youth with a brilliant mind that seeks out truth. He has the ability to defeat negative energies through his ability to bring light to all that is hidden. He is an idealist and a master of abstract thinking. He lives within the world of his head, often depending on his mental facilities to bring order to his world view. He is a crusader, often becoming obsessed with his passion for truth until, however, he loses interested and moves on to another cause. His level of commitment can be questionable. Although he is a champion of the truth, he prefers the fight rather the outcome. He is an individual you want on your side, however temporary this may be.

Like other sword court cards, the Knight of Swords tarot meanings deal with the struggle of emotional attachments. He enjoys living in his head rather than the heart. It takes him some effort to develop attachments to others. This can be a life long process for the Knight of Swords. When he does develop these attachments, however, he makes a tremendous companion and ally. He always offers a broader perspective to those who come to him for support. He has the capacity to be intensely honest, often cutting to the truth of things, which others may interpret as harsh and insensitive. Yet, these abilities serve him well in matters of the mind. He can, in fact, stand up to authoritative and influential people. He also has the tremendous ability to understand the most secretive elements of the natural world.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Knight Of Swords Upright

Knight Of Swords Upright Meaning

No-one thinks more of the Knight of Swords than...the Knight of Swords.

He is charming, seductive, intelligent but his sense of egotism can spoil the package.

His courage is incredible and makes him take huge risks; it is rare that he is defeated in anything.

Sometimes though, his confidence is misplaced. In his rush to win at any cost, he can cause pain or problems for others.

He is bright with strong ideas that are worth pursuing. To better balance his need for glory with ethics, he would benefit from slowing down and considering others.

Knight Of Swords Reverse

Knight Of Swords Reversed Meaning

Still bright and competitive, the Knight of Swords reversed is even more destructive.

Rarely feeling remorse, he moves from challenge to challenge, taking whatever is needed for his own ends.

Any semblance of ethics has disappeared and his motivation is self-oriented.

To manage himself, he can sometimes resort to abuse of drugs or alcohol; moderation of any kind can be a real challenge.

Still moving against the status quo, the Knight of Swords reversed drifts through life, always looking for the next opportunity.