Ten Of Swords

Ten Of Swords

What Does Ten Of Swords Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Betrayal, slander, gossip, revealed secrets, end of relationships, rock bottom, depression, negative thinking, troubled period, improvements that don't last, unconscious beliefs, pessimism, stop looking for trouble

Ten Of Swords Meanings And Description

The Ten of Swords can indicate the end of a cycle. It may also suggest that you have hit a bottom. The good news is that things can only get better.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Ten Of Swords Upright

Ten Of Swords Upright Meaning

The Ten of Swords often indicates betrayal, especially through gossip, betraying confidences and destruction of trust.

Words are the enemy here so be cautious about committing anything to paper.

When the Ten of Swords appears, it is usually an indicator that something important is coming to an end: beliefs, convictions, career or a relationship.

Confronting that your shared time is over can be painful but at this point, you can't hide from it anymore. Moving forward, there is nowhere to go but up.

Ten Of Swords Reverse

Ten Of Swords Reversed Meaning

With the Ten of Swords reversed, it is time to address how your own negative thinking and deeply held beliefs are affecting your life.

You may not realize how pessimistic you've become but there is an element of self-fulfilling prophecy in your life.

Start to explore how you can slowly change your mindset and embrace positive thought patterns. Stay open to improvements and they will start to enter your life.