Queen Of Wands

Queen Of Wands

What Does Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Creative, bright ideas,independent fiery energy, loyalty, sense of humour, needs reassurance,flightiness, breaking promises, jealousy, vengeful, drama queen, malicious trouble-maker,fun in the country, success in the business world, philanthropy, country homes

Queen Of Wands Meanings And Description

The Queen of Wands represents the emotionally mature female. She has the remarkable ability to balance her heart and mind. She can, however, have strong emotions. She has extremely powerful feelings regarding her love for someone or for the things she believes in. Home and family is of utmost importance to her. She has strong opinions and supports the opinions of others as well. She is a visionary and when she desires something, nothing can avert her from reaching her goals. She is quite realistic and chooses to uphold her values, regardless of the consequences. She is a woman of integrity. She may choose a job that does not necessarily pay well as long as it aligns with her ideals.

The Queen of Wands tends to have many people dependent on her. She is considered to be reliable and trustworthy. She is the loyal and faithful mate and parent. She is quite social and has many female friends. Her home environment is also important to her. She takes the time to ensure that her dwelling is full of items that enable her to feel feminine and safe. She also has the ability to turn inwards and experience her feelings to the fullest. She has the ability to enter meditative states and often wishes to connect to something higher than herself. She tends be attracted to spirituality and religion.

The Negative element to the Queen of Wands is disloyalty or being overly ambitious. Her passionate energy can cause fits of anger and discord. She also has the tendency to be consumed by her own ego. She can be stubborn, self-righteous, and narrow-minded.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Queen Of Wands Upright

Queen Of Wands Upright Meaning

The Queen of Wands is a woman who loves company as much as she values her independence.

Smart and sassy, she flies through life with great ideas which she loves to use to help people around her.

Once you have gained her trust, she is unfailingly loyal and devoted - in friendship as well as love.

She loves deeply and passionately and her sense of humour and fun lead to good times.

While she doesn't appreciate or tolerate possessive behaviour, she needs admiration and a little reassurance to feel truly comfortable.

Queen Of Wands Reverse

Queen Of Wands Reversed Meaning

Naturally giving, the Queen of Wands can be guilty of making promises she doesn't keep.

She means well but her flightiness over time will make some friends not take her seriously.

The same loyalty that makes her a wonderful friend is also present in her less loving moods.

She can hold jealousy and anger long after the original offense has been committed.

Sometimes, the Queen of Wands reversed can stand for a slightly unstable person who wants only to create conflict. Stirring up trouble is commonplace with this person. Keep her at a distance or her drama will absorb you.