Two Of Wands

Two Of Wands

What Does Two Of Wands Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Balanced partnerships, productive relationships, work friendships, employment mentors, successful real estate deals, profitable contracts, hollow success, end of partnerships, delays, unexpected expenses, stubbornness and pride.

Two Of Wands Meanings And Description

The Two of Wands is the card of potential. This is a period of waiting. You have completed the first stage of a project or endeavor. Now you must have faith in its future.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Two Of Wands Upright

Two Of Wands Upright Meaning

Power and success in career matters is often indicated by the Two of Wands. Productive partnerships may form at this point in time, and many positive relationships may develop at work.

Two of Wands can also indicate a successful business man or woman who will act as a guide or mentor, working with you towards greater career achievements.

Agreements in business or real estate will make you more money than you expect, and contracts can be easily negotiated.

Two Of Wands Reverse

Two Of Wands Reversed Meaning

Partnerships filled with friction and misunderstands can occur when the Two of Wands is reversed.

Delays and miscommunication in legal matters are par for the course.

Sometimes it is because partners are seeking difference outcomes from their venture; one may want money while the other is searching for creative freedom.

Being inflexible can lead to further misunderstandings.