Five Of Pentacles

Five Of Pentacles

What Does Five Of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Despair, financial hardships, lack of faith, troublesome times, internal struggles, poverty, lack of optimism, hard work leading to strong results, reversing trends, growing faith, increased confidence and self-worth, eventual success.

Five Of Pentacles Meanings And Description

The Five of Pentacles is the card of financial struggle. It often represents a period marked by uncertainty and doubt.

The card portrays a wintry scene put next to a stunning tainted glass window with two poor persons marching over the snow of a cold, dark night. One is on supports, a little bell around his collar and the other has a scarf over her head, exposed feet covered up in the snow bank.

Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Five Of Pentacles Upright

Five Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

That fact that your present circumstances may be related to previous over-spending won't make you feel any better.

If I remind you of that, I'm not trying to say 'I told you so.'. It's important to remember to prevent it from happening again.

Lack of confidence and a low sense of self worth are also indicated with the Five of Pentacles.

There is no easy solution but it is crucial to have faith that your circumstances will change but you also need to combine practical habits with this sense of optimism.

Five Of Pentacles Reverse

Five Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Challenging situations are also present when the Five of Pentacles is reversed but in this case, you realize that only hard work and plenty of it will change your life.

As soon as you start this process, other forms of help appear - maybe in the form of a grant or gift.

While you won't forget the troubles you experienced, you realized that they have helped you become a stronger person.