Four Of Pentacles

Four Of Pentacles

What Does Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean? Keywords: Financial stability, healthy income, modest gains, responsible, savings and investments, social climber, greed, miserly behaviour, financial worries, immersed in the material world.

Four Of Pentacles Meanings And Description

The Four of Pentacles usually refers to an overall sense of security. This is particularly true in financial matters. The Four of Pentacles is a card of stability and it often refers to the manifestations of hard work and dedication.

A man with a crown is seated in the center of the card. His feet rest on the two golden pentacles fixed on firm flat ground holding one pentacle cuddled in his arms. Resting on his crown mounts a fourth pentacle. The sky at the rear behind his back is a neutral gray in color with the view of an entire city


Tarot Cards Upright And Reversed Meanings

Four Of Pentacles Upright

Four Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

If you've been through a period where every dollar had to be stretched 5 ways, things will be getting easier.

The Four of Pentacles doesn't represent a period of extreme riches but it is about financial stability.

When you see the Four of Pentacles, you will have more money coming in than going out and with some planning, will even have some money left over.

It's the time to look into savings and how to use money wisely rather than just spending it on random stuff.

Take care of your money and it will take care of you. Be careful that you haven't fallen into the trap of judging people by what they have rather than who they are.

Four Of Pentacles Reverse

Four Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

When the Four of Pentacles is reversed, your mind is consumed by thoughts of money. Whether financially worried, strapped for cash, or guilty of hoarding, greed or being miserly, you can't think beyond cash.

It may be that your are the responsible one in your household and while others are spending up a storm, you are the one worrying about the bills. Never allow financial trappings to trap you.